Children’s bikes: models according to age

Childrens bikes models according to age

Children love to ride bikes! From the balance bike to the mountain bike via the tricycle, discover the best bikes adapted to your child according to his age.

Learn to ride a bike is a big step for children. They can get started from an early age, with a tricycle or a balance bike, which will teach them to balance, pedal and, depending on the model chosen, brake. For toddlers, it is advisable to start with a tricycle, with a cane for the parents, or a balance bike whose saddle and handlebars are height-adjustable, so that she can follow their growth. When your child is ready, you can give them their very first bike! From the age of 4, it is possible to find excellent models to start pedaling like a grown-up. Don’t forget to put on a helmet, and put small wheels on it to stabilize it during its first walks. As your child grows up, they will over time be able to learn to switch gears, then chainrings. From a safety point of view, make sure the bike has reflective plates on the wheels, and front and rear lights, or plan to install them. To choose the size of the bike according to the age of your child, know that we generally consider that it takes a 14 inch between 90 and 105 cm (from 3 years to 4 and a half years approximately), a 16 inch between 105 and 120 cm (4-6 years), a 20 inch between 6 and 9 years (1.20 to 1.35 m), a 24 inch between 1.35 and 1.50 m, and a 36 inch above of the. Before embarking on the great adventure… Discover our selection of the best children’s bikes!