Chat from Smart Watch Feature Has Arrived on WhatsApp!

Chat from Smart Watch Feature Has Arrived on WhatsApp

WhatsApp has been announced as an official app for Wear OS 3. This means users can use the instant messaging platform directly on their Wear OS powered smartwatches. But functionality currently in beta and only beta testers of the Android app accessible by. Some of the smartwatches powered by Wear OS 3 include Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 and 6 series, Pixel Watch, Fossil Gen 6 is located.

WhatsApp for Wear OS 3, latest beta for Android is offered with. To install the application, users need to enter an eight-digit code from their watch into the phone application. Then the conversations Sync securely between devices with end-to-end encryption is being done.

WhatsApp for Wear OS directly ability to send messages from the wrist It offers all the necessary features, including However, there is no option yet to start a new chat if the user has never sent a message to their WhatsApp contact before.

The Wear OS app shows a simple list of recent contacts, a settings menu, and more. WhatsApp ContactsThere are two tiles for jumping to a contact, and the ‘WhatsApp Voicemail’ tile allows the user to quickly start recording a voicemail.

The WhatsApp for Wear OS app also allows users to scroll through old conversations. Users can reply to messages using voicemail or a system keyboard. ‘People in this conversation’ is displayed when scrolling through group chats.