Charlotte Kalla’s huge tribute to Jonna Sundling – after the new, Swedish super record: “Absolutely crazy!”

Leksand extended the winning streak beat AIK

Jonna Sundling has passed Charlotte Kalla in number of WC golds.
Then the icon does not hold again in the tributes.
– It’s completely crazy, says Kalla.

During the weekend, national team manager Anders Byström thought it was high time to put his foot down. When he got a question from the media about Jonna Sundling, he simply couldn’t hold back, and it was something he longed to say.

Beat the mighty record

Byström does not think that Jonna Sundling gets the praise and attention she deserves. He finds it extremely strange that she is overlooked at sporting galas and awards – and it’s hard to disagree with him when you consider what a fantastic, storied career the sprint star has had – and especially considering that it is far from over.

230226 Jonna Sundling of Sweden poses for a portrait with her two gold medals for the Women’s Sprint and Team Sprint after the Medal ceremony during the FIS Nordic Ski World Championships on February 25, 2023 in Kranjska Gora. Photo: Petter Arvidson / BILDBYRÅN

Jonna Sundling certainly has some way to go when it comes to Sweden’s most successful women’s skier in the championship overall. Charlotte Kalla has nine Olympic medals and 13 World Cup medals. But she previously held the record for number of WC golds – but no longer. Jonna Sundling won double gold in Oberstdorf 2021, in sprint and sprint relay, and has started the WC in Planica in exactly the same way.

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Called tribute

When Sundling crossed the finish line in first place during the sprint relay last Sunday, she broke an awesome record. Now no female skater in Swedish history has more WC gold than her – and Charlotte Kalla is impressed.

– Jonna is truly a skier who is so complete. She masters all styles. It will be exciting to follow her further in the championship, says Kalla.

220327 Charlotte Kalla celebrates after the win in the ladies’ relay during day 5 of the SM week on March 27, 2022 in Piteå. Photo: Maxim Thore / BILDBYRÅN / code MT / MT0357

Gunde Svan is the skier with the most WC gold (seven). Sweden is the super favorite to win the relay on Thursday, and then Sundling can take a step closer to the magic number. Charlotte Kalla is impressed above all by how Jonna Sundling bounced back from illnesses and involuntary absences from training.

– It’s completely crazy how Jonna, even though it messed up last season and at the beginning of this season as well… but when it’s a championship, she’s the best when it comes to it.

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