Charles III warmly welcomed on his arrival in Germany

Charles III warmly welcomed on his arrival in Germany

King Charles III has arrived in Berlin for his first visit abroad in his new role as monarch. Accompanied by his wife Camilla, he was welcomed to the German capital by President Frank-Walter Steinmeier, during a particularly solemn ceremony in front of the Brandenburg Gate, in the heart of the capital.

With our correspondent in Berlin, Delphine Nerbollier

This is the first time that a head of state has received military honors in front of the Brandenburg Gate. And it was Charles III who was the first to receive this honor.

For the occasion, 1,500 people were authorized to attend this short ceremony. The others were less fortunate; several hundred curious people gathered along the avenue leading to the Brandenburg Gate to try to see the royal couple in their car.

Bet won by Daniel, who for the occasion was wrapped in a Union Jack flag. “ He walked past me two minutes ago! But hey, he looked the other way. It was still interesting, he’s the king. It’s not every day you see such a personality so I came by to see and say hi “, he confides.

This English couple also saw the royal couple from afar. He couldn’t believe it. ” We are on vacation, explains the husband. We didn’t even know they were coming. And there they are, waving at us. It’s good, we have a video of them. We live in England and we see them here, it’s crazy! »

This military ceremony supervised by more than 900 police officers marks the beginning of three days of official visits, in a country that Charles III knows well. If he came to Germany thirty times, this is his first visit as a monarch.

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