Characters, music, films… You are an unconditional Disney fan if you perform flawlessly

Characters music films You are an unconditional Disney fan if

Disney cartoons and music have been with you since your childhood and are you knowledgeable about this world? Here are some (not so simple) questions to get to the bottom of it.

Almost all of us proclaim ourselves to be “big fans” of Disney. But are we really there? Mickey and his friends have no secrets for you and you know inside out the story of the princesses and other key characters of these cult cartoons? From Walt Disney animated films to essential and catchy music, including children’s favorite characters… Answer these few questions to test your knowledge. But be careful, the answers are not always as obvious as they seem. You might actually be surprised by the results.

You will find questions on the first names of the seven dwarves, the release dates of the oldest animated films as well as the date of birth of Walt Disney, the first name of a prince, a Disney princess or the animal who accompanies another adventurous princess. You will also be asked to complete the lyrics of a very well-known song, or to find the cartoon in which a famous French singer lent his voice.

Cartoons and Disney characters have fascinated young and old for generations. And by doing this test, we realize that being a fan does not necessarily mean that we know all the secrets of Walt Disney. So, what score did you get on this quiz?