Chaos on the E20 after a serious accident – ​​two seriously injured

Chaos on the E20 after a serious accident – ​​two

A third person has also sustained injuries, the police said. Two vehicles are said to be involved in the accident.

— It is a serious accident. According to the initial information, it is a head-on collision, says the police spokesperson Marcus Anefur to TT.

The police have started a preliminary investigation into gross negligence in traffic and gross bodily harm. Both vehicles have been impounded.

Traffic chaos at the site

Traffic will be affected for several hours ahead as a result of the accident and will be diverted. According to a witness at the scene, however, cars must have tried to turn in the middle of the highway, writes The evening paper.

The forecast right now is that the road will be closed until at least 6:45 p.m.