Chaos on board airplanes – they try to open the emergency exit thousands of meters up in the air

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Being on a plane on your way to vacation is a wonderful feeling that most people can probably relate to.

However, passengers on an American Airlines flight between Los Angeles and Boston did not get to experience that feeling last week.

Threatens to kill passengers and staff

About 45 minutes before the plane was due to land at Boston Logan International Airport, something happened that many probably dread.

A 33-year-old man began to behave threateningly and expressed death threats directed at the passengers and cabin crew.

What caused the incident is that the staff discovered that someone had opened the door handle of one of the emergency exits, even though the plane was still in the air. The man they suspected began to behave threateningly after the discovery. He shouts that he wants Homeland Security on board, which is, after all, the federal security department in the United States.

In a clip published by The Sun on social media app Tiktok, the man can be heard shouting threats before making another run for the emergency exit in an attempt to open the door, even though they are still thousands of meters in the air.

“Where’s Homeland Security with their guns? I’m waiting for them so I can show everyone I’m dead when I take all the bullets in my body. Then I’m going to kill everyone on this plane. Where are they?” he is heard yelling in the video.

Can be sentenced to life imprisonment

NBC News writes that after a while the man throws himself at a person in the staff and tries to stab her with a spoon. In the end, passengers and other staff managed to wrestle him down and hold him on the ground, until the plane could land.

According to the airline, no one should have been physically injured in the incident.

The man who carried out the act is now facing charges and risks being punished with life in prison if he is convicted.