Chaos in the snow traffic – rescuer Robin: “It never ends”

Tow truck Robin Andersson has been working non-stop since the early hours of the morning due to the winter weather which caught many motorists by surprise. When the TV4 News team meets him in traffic just outside Skövde, he has just pulled a plow truck out of the ditch.

– There is as much to do as you like, it never ends. It rings all the time. I’m surprised it’s been quiet on the phone while I’ve pulled up this plow truck, he says.

It is not unusual for plow trucks to end up in the ditch, he says. Still, they are awkward to pull up.

– The worst thing is that there are so many leaves and salt spreaders so there is not much to take in – you don’t want to break anything.

– And they weigh quite a lot because they have so much salt with them. So they are exciting to pull up.

“April is a snow month”

After a partly sunny Easter weekend, stormy weather has once again moved in over the country. SMHI has orange and yellow warnings issued for snow in combination with wind in northern Götaland and southeastern Svealand.

Among other things, there is a warning about very limited access on roads that, for example, have not had time to clear snow or due to traffic accidents. Delays and canceled departures in public transport may also occur.

Although many might have expected the partly sunny Easter weather to last, Robin Andersson was not surprised by the April weather.

– I was prepared. I have looked at the weather and I think all of us rescuers do. In the salvager’s world, April is a snow month, he says.

– It snows almost every year in April. But the common man forgets that.

“Don’t go out”

SMHI’s warnings are valid until Tuesday evening. But how long Robin Andersson will have to work is still unclear.

– The way it’s going right now, that it’s ringing all the time, I don’t know when we’ll stop and I don’t think any other salvager knows that either, he says.

The Swedish Transport Administration announced on Monday that the authority has increased preparedness to move up to the highest level of preparedness for road and rail in parts of the country. Road users are asked to follow the weather reports. Robin Andersson also urges caution.

– If you have changed to summer tyres: stay at home. We have had X number of pieces now that drive with summer tires. Don’t go out then. It is hardly possible to drive with winter tyres, says Robin Andersson.

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