Changing class after the start of the school year, is it possible?

Changing class after the start of the school year is

After the start of the school year, your child still does not feel comfortable in his class, with his classmates? He begs you to make him change class. But, is it possible? What are the conditions and the steps to be taken? We take stock.

Every year, after the start of the school year, some students become disillusioned and want to change classes. Because their schedule does not suit them, because they find themselves alone without their friends, or because the current does not pass with certain teachers… Various reasons which push these children to tell their parents: “I want to change classes!” If this is your case, know thatit is possible to request a change of class for your child from your school. But be careful, it is important to provide “valid and defensible grounds, specifies the Ministry of National Education to TF1.

What is the reason for changing classes?

To change a child’s class, the reason given must be considered legitimate. Indeed, a request to change class has little chance of being accepted if the pupil simply wishes to meet up with his friends, or because he does not want to have class on Wednesday afternoon. On the other hand, several reasons are admissible, in particular if:

  • The child is a victim of school bullying ;

In this case, Valérie Piau, a lawyer specializing in education law, interviewed by France Infoexplains that“You must notify the head of the establishment as soon as possible, and if you do not have a very quick reaction, within the week, do not hesitate to notify above, with the inspector of national education for primary and kindergarten, or with DASEN for the others”.

  • The child is in pain (stress, anxiety, etc.) ;

“If your child suffers from anxiety and his shrink recommends that he be with a friend, etc.… A detailed and objective reason can be a valid argument for obtaining a change of class”, declares the expert to our colleagues at magic mom.

  • The child has difficulties with a teacher (humiliating remarks that harm the student’s health and schooling);
  • The child lives far away and carpooling is necessary.

The education law lawyer also mentions that the “tutoring” or even the “shared custody with a student from another class” are arguments that can be pleaded to the head of the establishment.

A request for a class change must be formal. It is not done orally, at the end of the day after class, talking for a few minutes with the school principal. The student’s parents must make the request in writing, with a solid argument. Then it is up to the head of the school to make a decision. It is he who will accept or not the change of class. There are also possible remedies if your request is refused. For elementary school, you must contact the academy inspector and for middle school and high school, the academic director of the national education services.