Celine Dion sick: her canceled concerts, what we know about her health

Celine Dion sick her canceled concerts what we know about

CELINE DION. Sick, Celine Dion announced the cancellation of all her concerts until April 2024, including those planned in Paris. What do we know about his health?

[Mis à jour le 26 mai 2023 à 19h01] The organizers of Celine Dion’s tour announced this Friday, May 26, that the singer would not be back on stage until April 2024, due to her state of health. Indeed, the artist suffers from Stiff-person syndrome, a very rare neurological disease, and “continues his treatment to recover from the disease which currently prevents him from returning to the stage.” After several postponements of his shows at the Paris la Défense Arena, the concerts of September 1, 2, 5, 6, 9 and 10, 2023 are finally canceled.

The 55-year-old singer, quoted in the press release, said she is going to “a lot of trouble to regain (her) strength, but tours can be very difficult even when you are at 100%”. “To you, it’s not fair to keep postponing the shows and even though it breaks my heart, it’s better that we cancel everything now,” she added. Even if the spectators will not be able to see the star go back on stage for the moment, they will all be reimbursed, announced the organizers of the tour.

“It’s better to cancel everything until I’m really ready” (Céline Dion)

What disease does Celine Dion suffer from?

Celine Dion suffers from stiff person syndrome (SPR), a condition whose exact cause is unknown, but probably of autoimmune origin. A cure is not known for his disease, but simply remedying the symptoms. Christian Jorgensen, rheumatologist from the University Hospital Center of Montpellier, had told Free lunchMay 18: “Céline Dion develops an antibody that targets an enzyme and completely disrupts her muscles. There is no treatment today for that”.