Ceasefire pressure on Gaza grows – Rafah could become the war’s deadliest place | Foreign countries

Ceasefire pressure on Gaza grows Rafah could become the

Israel is believed to be preparing a ground attack on Rafah, home to over a million Palestinians. The ceasefire is being discussed by several parties.

Pressure for a ceasefire in Gaza and international criticism of Israel have increased.

Director of the CIA, the US Central Intelligence Agency William Burnshead of Mossad, the Israeli intelligence agency David Barnea and the Prime Minister of Qatar Mohammed bin Abdulrahman al-Thani have discussed a ceasefire in Cairo, reports the Egyptian media.

Italian Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani said in an interview with RAI Radio 1 that although Hamas’ attack on Israel was condemnable, Israel’s reaction has been exaggerated.

China also demanded on Tuesday that Israel end the military operation in Gaza’s Rafah as quickly as possible.

Biden talks about a six-week ceasefire

President of the United States Joe Biden said on Monday that efforts are being made to negotiate a ceasefire lasting at least six weeks in the Gaza Strip, during which the hostages would also be released.

Biden commented on the situation in the Middle East at a joint press conference with the King of Jordan at the White House Abdullah’s with.

In his speech, Abdullah called for a complete ceasefire in Gaza to end the war. He insisted that Israel must refrain from attacking Rafah.

– We need a lasting ceasefire now. This war must end, Abdullah said at a news conference.

The consequences of the ground operation are catastrophic

The consequences of expanding the Israeli government’s military operation would be catastrophic, warns Save the Children.

According to it, Rafah could become the most destructive scene of the conflict so far. Israel has threatened to launch a ground operation in Rafah. It already carried out airstrikes on the city on Monday, killing dozens of Palestinians.

– 1.3 million people, 610,000 of whom are children, have fled to Rafah. It is one of the last areas of Gaza where hospitals, water and sanitation facilities and bakeries are still partially functional. It is also the place from which humanitarian organizations operate, the organization wrote in its publication on social media.

The UN has also demanded that Israel refrain from ground operations in Gaza.

The Hamas-run Gaza Ministry of Health has said that more than 28,300 people, most of whom were women and children, have died in Israel’s countermeasures.