Ceasefire between Israel and Hamas

Israel and Hamas have reached a preliminary agreement to pause the fighting, according to sources NBC.
An approval from the Israeli government is now awaited.
– I think that this ceasefire will begin quite soon, says Middle East expert Anders Persson.

There has been talk of 50-100 of the hostages being released as part of the deal.

In return, Israel is said to have also agreed to release 300 Palestinians from captivity, among them women and children.

The parties’ negotiators have been working to reach an agreement on the remaining hundreds of hostages held in Gaza after the October 7 Hamas attack on Israel.

According to sources to the AFP news agency, the proposal on the table would also mean a five-day ceasefire and a limitation of Israeli airstrikes over Gaza.

The agreement will also open up more humanitarian aid to affected civilians in Gaza.

The expert: “Will start fairly soon”

Middle East expert Anders Persson expresses optimism.

– I think it is reasonable, not least because of the fact that all those involved have expressed great optimism during the day. It indicates that someone is at work, he says.

By all accounts, the Israeli government will vote for it this evening, says Persson.

– I think that this ceasefire will begin quite soon. It will probably be initiated in stages, so it will happen that 20 percent of the prisoners on each side will be released per day over a five-day period.

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