Carola Häggkvist celebrates 40 years – and four styles

40 years ago, Carola Häggkvist broke through with a bang when she won the Melodifestivalen with “Främling”.
Now she celebrates the whole year with four different tours with different themes – rock, pop, musical and gospel.
– It is
a dream I’ve had for quite a few years, says the popular artist.

She calls it “4 faces” and says that it is a dream she has had for a long time to celebrate with her fans by playing all kinds of music. The premises are also adapted to the style of music. Recently, she finished the rock part by playing in small clubs such as Debaser Strand in Stockholm and Pustervik in Gothenburg.

– I’ve chosen to do this because it’s a dream I’ve had for quite a few years, precisely to realize this, to make four faces. It will be a fourfold life for the stranger, for life, for the audience and for us together, says Carola.


Carola talks about the tour: “It’s fantastic to be able to celebrate”

“I feel very old”

On Saturday, the pop tour begins at the Avicii Arena in Stockholm, and then 17 concerts await around Sweden, as well as Finland and Norway. When it’s time for the musical part this fall, it will be cultural centers and concert halls.

In conclusion, Carola offers gospel to Frihamskyrkan in Gothenburg and Filadelfia in Stockholm, among others.

How does it feel to play in front of an audience that has followed you for 40 years?

– Now I feel very old, says Carola and laughs.

– No, but it’s fantastic to be able to celebrate these four different faces because there have been many albums with slightly different musical styles.