Carin da Silva wins Sweden’s master chef VIP 2023

Sweden’s master chef VIP is over for this time – and we have a winner.
It is Carin da Silva who takes the prestigious first place.
– I really did not expect to win, states Carin to TV4.

Which celebrity is the best at cooking in this year’s lineup of Sweden’s master chef VIP? After a thrilling final between Simon Sköld and Carin da Silva, it is the latter who takes first place!

– Of course it feels great fun, I really didn’t expect to win, says Carin to TV4.

The final menu went home to the jury

The task during the final was to create an absolutely world-class three-course menu. Carin’s final menu consisted of Asian raw beef, cod bourguignon and oven-roasted pears – and it went home to Tom Sjöstedt, Marcus Samuelsson and Mischa Billing.

But she didn’t think at first that it would be a win for Carin.

– I enjoy cooking and such, but I thought that others would be better than I was. But as I progressed week after week I felt “oh what the hell, now might as well take the opportunity to win the whole shit”. While I was impressing myself every week, she says.

And the win should be celebrated as it should be.

– It will be a good dinner that I get to cook!

The nervousness during the final

During the morning, the two finalists appeared in News morning to talk about the upcoming finals, and Carin then mentions that she has never been as nervous as she was before and during the finals.

– I very rarely get nervous when I do what I usually do, I can stand in front of a packed globe with 30,000 people without getting nervous. But then I know what I’m doing. This has been unknown ground and I have been judged in a way I have not been before, Carin explains now.

– In dance, I know what I can do. But food is so black or white, you either like it or you don’t. Just because I think it’s good, it’s not certain that professional chefs like it, she continues.

This is where the winnings go

The winning sum of SEK 100,000 is donated to an organization of your choice and Carin chose to donate the sum to the Medical Mission. Together with Vivi Wallin, with whom she runs the podcast Our truths together, she visited the Nkinga hospital in Tanzania earlier this year and got to see what an incredible difference the Lækarmissionen makes.

– They save lives, everyone who donates money there makes an incredible difference. I myself had a dramatic birth, had I not given birth in a hospital, neither he nor I would have existed today, she says.

– The knowledge that countless people lose their lives because they don’t get the help they need hurts a lot. If you can contribute something, it goes without saying. SEK 100,000 means that 550 women can have a safe delivery.