Cardiac rehabilitation: duration, physio, at home?

Cardiac rehabilitation duration physio at home

Cardiac rehabilitation or recovery occurs after a heart problem. It consists of a personalized program adapted to the patient and combines physical activities, advice and education in order to regain strength and regain respiratory and muscular capacity.

What does cardiac rehabilitation do?

The principle of cardiac rehabilitation lies in the practicing a physical activity supervised by a medical team with comprehensive patient care. In this support, intervene as many doctors, physiotherapists, dietitians, nurses… As Doctor Walid Amara, cardiologist and rhythmologist, points out, rehabilitation cannot therefore be reduced to simple physical activity.

When to do cardiac rehabilitation?

As Doctor Amara explains, cardiac rehabilitation intervenes after myocardial infarction, heart failure or during post-operative cardiac surgeries. “In the context of infarction, recovery makes it possible to rehabilitate, improve and recover cardiac functions and muscular capacity“. Similarly, in case ofheart failure, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, engaging in physical activity and exertion increases physical capacity. “The change in frequency with acceleration and deceleration of the heart thus helps the body to adapt and regain more capacity for effort.

Where to do cardiac rehabilitation?

Often, “Cardiac rehabilitation is carried out in rehabilitation centers attached to hospitals or clinicsthese are medical centers in which people come on an outpatient basis several times a week“, details the specialist. As part of post-operative care, hospitalization with monitoring is possible. “This is a lighter hospitalization than in the case of an operation but which involves different health professionals, which allows follow-up“, emphasizes Doctor Walid Amara.

Can we do cardiac rehabilitation at the physiotherapist?

Cardiac rehabilitation consisting of a global tailor-made program controlled with professionals each having a field of expertise, it cannot therefore be carried out by a single specialist. As a result, “you can’t do cardiac re-education at the physio“, insists the cardiologist.

It takes an average of 20 to 21 sessions or 2 to 3 months for cardiac rehabilitation

Can cardiac rehabilitation be done at home?

Just as it is impossible to practice cardiac rehabilitation at the physiotherapist, it is “impossible to do this recovery alone at home, without being surrounded by professionals“. However, after the end of the scheduled cardiac rehabilitation sessions, “there is a possibility of continue monitoring via tele-rehabilitation which allows people to be followed up in addition to ensure continuity.“It is a support to perpetuate the good gestures and the good habits and to find a healthy lifestyle.

Cardiac rehabilitation takes place in several stages. First of all, “a stress test is performed initially, in order to determine the objectives of improvement and to fit the patient into a program of sessions“, explains the cardiologist. It is about collective sessions allowing the practice of physical activities to work the heart such as cycling or treadmill, all for about 30 minutes. “Sometimes there may be balneotherapy also“. At the end, at the end of the sessions, a new stress test is then performed to see the progression. Throughout the rehabilitationsupport is also provided with lifestyle information. “Ismoking cessation is very importantthere is a follow-up on this point which aims to help patients with gums, patches…”.

How long does cardiac rehabilitation take?

It is necessary to count on average 20 to 21 sessions or 2 to 3 months for cardiac rehabilitation, at the rate of 3 sessions per week on an outpatient basis in a specialized center“, concludes the cardiologist.

Thanks to Doctor Walid Amara, cardiologist and rhythmologist in Greater Paris at Montfermeil hospital, president of the National College of Hospital Cardiologists (CNCH).