Car owners be warned: Scammers send fake invoices

Car owners be warned Scammers send fake invoices

M Sweden has recently received a number of notifications from car owners who have received advertisements for various forms of car guarantees in their mailboxes.

The companies behind the invoices call their offers “extended factory warranty” or something similar, and the offers are often sent to those whose cars are of an age where the manufacturer’s warranty obligations are about to expire.

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Provides no protection

According to M Sweden, these “warranties” are largely worthless, and will not help you as the owner if something were to go wrong with the car.

– These are meaningless and often completely unnecessary guarantees that do not give consumers any protection, says M Sweden’s lawyer Olle Haglund.

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Disguised as invoices

In many cases, these offers come in the form of an invoice.

Many of the car owners who pay the invoice soon realize that they have entered into an agreement that is automatically extended.

According to some of the reports that M Sweden has received, the invoice came via the Kivra app, rather than in the mailbox, which has strengthened the impression that it is a legitimate invoice.

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