Car incentive plan: here’s when it will be operational

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(Finance) – “Stellantis alone cannot sustain the extraordinary Italian supply chain, at least one other large producer is needed in Italy” which “needs a productive internal market of at least 1.3 million cars a year“. This was said by the Minister of Business and Made in Italy, Adolfo Ursointerviewed on Zapping on Rai Radio 1.
Turin with Mirafiori remains the “beating heart” of Stellantis, but to increase the productivity of the historic Fiat plant where electric 500s and Maseratis are built, incentives are needed for the electric and it is necessary to work on the competitiveness of the site by acting on “external factors”, such as the labor and energy costs. This is what was supported by Davide Mele, Corporate Affairs manager of Stellantis in Italy at the meeting on Mirafiori at Mimit, the second meeting dedicated to the group’s production sites in which local institutions also participated (Piedmont Region and Municipality of Turin), Anfia and the trade unions.

According to Minister Urso, they must be produced in Mirafiori “at least 200 thousand cars” to achieve the goal shared with Stellantis to achieve one million vehicles in Italy.

On the incentive plan: will snap “in a few weeks” after the green light of Court of Auditors, Urso said again underlining that the decree was published in the sense that, having achieved the signatures of all the ministries involved, it is in fact public but the incentive plan will come into force when we have the final green light in a few weeks” he said underlining that “it favors the models produced in our country”. The provision, he added, “allocates 950 million euros with more incentives for those who scrap the most polluting cars, 0,1,2,3 euros, and more incentives for those with a lower income so that the combined scraps a more polluting car to buy an electric car, and has an income of under 30 thousand euroscan receive contributions of up to 13,750 euros”.