Cancer of Charles III: what we know about the king’s illness

Cancer of Charles III what we know about the kings

Suffering from a form of cancer, the 75-year-old sovereign will follow a regular treatment program, as indicated by Buckingham Palace.

The British monarchy in uncertainty. As indicated by Buckingham Palace this Monday, King Charles III is suffering from an illness discovered during an operation for a “benign” enlargement of the prostate which he underwent last Thursday. Indeed, the monarch was hospitalized for three days in a private London clinic, then released on January 29. Unfortunately, a more worrying element was discovered by doctors.

King Charles III suffers from a “form of cancer”

As of this Monday, February 5, 2024, the 75-year-old sovereign began a “regular treatment program” according to Buckingham Palace. For the moment, the type of cancer from which the king suffers has not been revealed. One thing is certain, it is not prostate cancer as confirmed by Buckingham Palace.

“Subsequent tests identified a form of cancer,” the palace said in a statement. However, no information regarding the stage of the cancer was provided. The king “remains completely positive about his treatment and hopes to return fully to his public duties as soon as possible” reports Buckingham Palace.

He retains the management of state affairs

Less than a year and a half after succeeding his mother, Elizabeth II on the throne, and nine months after being crowned, the sovereign does not intend to completely cease his activities. On the other hand, to follow his treatment program, he was advised by doctors “to postpone public duties”, Buckingham Palace also reports. “Throughout this period, Her Majesty will continue to undertake state affairs and administrative formalities as usual,” the monarchy nevertheless specifies.