Cancer and heart patients make the same mistake! stay away from these foods

Cancer and heart patients make the same mistake stay away

Operating within the body of Samsun Training and Research Hospital, Rational Medicine Bureau eliminates confusion in drug use. The Rational Medicine Bureau, which was established in order to ensure the compliance of patients who use multiple drugs together or those who use drugs unconsciously, to achieve maximum benefit and to minimize side effects, is important. Responsible Pharmacist Özge Özdemir emphasized that a drug that is not used properly is poison.


Pharmacist Özge Özdemir warned, “Medicines can heal if used correctly, but can become poison when used incorrectly. I want to warn all our citizens. They should pay attention to the interaction of the drugs they use with both food and other drugs. In this case, they should definitely get information by asking their doctor.


For the best continuation of their treatment, they should not be negligent in this regard. Even the wrong use of a single dose of the drug can have fatal consequences. A pain reliever taken without the use of stomach protectors, a blood thinner taken with foods containing high vitamin K, or a cholesterol medicine taken after eating grapefruit may cause the disease to increase or the person to die instead of healing. Unfortunately, we are faced with these situations. Unfortunately, the vast majority of our patients do not pay attention to the possibility of interaction while using their medications, and they cannot get the right result from the treatment.


Özge Özdemir, who gave examples, said, “Our citizens who use drugs due to heart disease should not consume coffee with high caffeine content and cigarettes that cause vascular occlusion. Our patients receiving cancer treatment should avoid especially grapefruit and other citrus fruits, foods with high fat and carbohydrate content. For asthma treatment, lung bronchial expander Our patients who use drugs should avoid using beta blocker group drugs if they also have heart rhythm disorder or hypertension.


Our patients who take blood thinners after bypass and heart valve surgeries should consult their pharmacists and doctors about the interaction. Our patients who use the drug with the active ingredient metformin for diabetes should definitely use the drug with meals, and vitamin B12 deficiency is one of the side effects of this drug. Our patients should follow up their vitamin B12 values ​​by having regular analyzes and use vitamin B12 when necessary. Unconsciously and without the advice of a doctor or pharmacist, pain relievers used in excessive amounts can cause severe and permanent damage to the liver. In recent years, it has become a fashionable behavior for our people to use herbal mixtures from herbalists without the supervision of a doctor or pharmacist. Uncontrolled, unknown content, unstandardized preparation, unpredictable effects, these herbal medicines and mixtures can cause serious liver failure.