Canadian media can’t stop laughing at the Swedish question to William Nylander: “Ridiculous”

William Nylander is at home in Sweden.
Then he got a real Swedish question – which makes the Canadians laugh.
– It’s just so stupid, says hockey expert Jeff O’Neill in the Overdrive podcast.

William Nylander and his Toronto Maple Leafs have landed in Sweden for the NHL Global Series in Stockholm. The teams Detroit Red Wings, Minnesota Wild and Ottawa Senators are also in Sweden, and will play four games this week.

Nylander in Sweden

The teams train at Hovet and Avicii Arena, and live in Stockholm. Toronto landed on Tuesday and held its first practice that afternoon. Now several international hockey experts and NHL enthusiasts have their eyes on Sweden and are following what is going on here.

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William Nylander is surprised by the unexpected question on location in Sweden. PHOTO: X

After Toronto’s practice on Tuesday, William Nylander stopped by the press to answer questions. Then he got a real Sweden question from a Swedish reporter. Namely if he had time to take the team to Ikea yet.
– We just got here and went straight to training so we have plenty of time left to do it, Nylander replied with a laugh.

Criticizes the issue

The question now makes the Canadian hockey experts on the podcast Overdrive laugh.
– It’s just so stupid. If the only place to find an ikea was in Sweden, and there were really cool things there, then maybe it would have been a reasonable question. But there is an Ikea a kilometer from my house, says Jeff O’Neill in a clip that can be seen below.

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Canadian journalists can only laugh at the Swedish question to William Nylander. PHOTO: X

The podcast colleagues note that they hear that the reporter is nervous and that English is his second language, but strongly question the question.
– It is ridiculous.
– It was a good response from Nylander, he saved him a little. Because he really could have just looked at the reporter and asked “are you serious?”, says Brian Hayes.

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