Can we have a house alarm without a subscription?

Can we have a house alarm without a subscription

Need to improve the security of your home? Among the many equipment to protect his home, there is an interesting and less expensive system. This is the home alarm without subscription. Thanks to this installation, a household secures its residence and protects itself from the risk of burglary. This system only includes an alarm kit without having to pay a subscription.

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Securing your home with an alarm is the best way to prevention burglary or attempted intrusion. The installation of this home security system is sometimes linked to a central monitoring station. So you have to pay a subscription to ensure the security and surveillance of your home. This home security solution is often expensive. Can we install an alarm without a subscription? Yes, there are home alarms without subscription. Details.

What is a home alarm without a subscription?

THE’universe of home surveillance allows you to find two types of offers to protect real estate and its occupants. There is the alarm installation with and without subscription. To ensure the safety of a home, these offers are effective and interesting:

  • The alarm with subscription: this is a security system including the installation of several alarm and video surveillance kits. This equipment is installed everywhere on a property. All security devices are then connected to a monitoring center. Agents monitor the surroundings in real time and act quickly in the event of an alert.
  • The home alarm system without subscription: this type of offer does not include any link with a monitoring center. It just includes the installation of several types of wired or wireless alarms, cameras, motion detectors …

Is it possible to install a home alarm without a subscription?

Everybody can benefit from a better security alarm home without subscription. Suppliers now offer many choices of kits without having to subscribe to a monitoring center. In addition, several households are currently in the process of moving away from subscription devices. Be aware that opting for this option does not reduce the effectiveness of the house alarms.

The alarm kits are all similar. But only the subscription to a central monitoring station and to security guards is excluded from the contract. Households have access to different home protection technologies with the subscription-free alarm. Wireless technology RTC Where connected alarm, alarm installation GSM wireless, wired alarms, surveillance cameras, sensors movement or smoke …

Why choose the installation of a house alarm without subscription?

Currently, many households are turning to the subscription-free alarm system. This type of installation appeals to many families for various reasons:

  • The cheaper price compared to alarms with subscription.
  • Similar options and the same efficiency as with the alarm including a subscription.
  • A more private and more secure life in the face of the risk of burglary.
  • A configuration of its alarm system according to its needs.
  • Effective and efficient reporting in the event of a home intrusion. The warning can be made via a application on his smartphone, a phone call or a SMS.
  • Remote monitoring and control in the event of installation of an alarm incorporating connected technology.

How to install the alarm without subscription?

Some households are still hesitant to make a decision about installing a house alarm. While it is a practical and effective accessory to perfectly secure your home. Many believe that this equipment is difficult to set up. Note that installing and configuring alarms without subscription is not complicated. This operation is quite easy to perform. Anyone can install this device. You just need to:

  • connect the equipment with a socket,
  • position the detectors,
  • integrate the SIM card like a cell phone,
  • configure through the appropriate application …

In case you are having difficulty, there are other solutions. For example, contacting a specialized installer can help to ensure the installation of this safety equipment. If you plan to hire a professional, the price of installing an alarm without subscription varies between 110 and 450 €.

How much does a home alarm cost without a subscription?

The price of the home alarm without subscription is more affordable than the subscription kits. This is one of the main reasons that encourage households to opt for this system. But what exactly does an alarm without a subscription cost? Its price varies greatly depending on the type of alarm to be installed at home. To know more, here is a table summarizing the cost of this installation according to the type of alarm without subscription:

The different types of home alarms without subscriptionAverage price
Wired home alarmBetween 495 and 2,250 €
Wireless alarm modelBetween 680 and 3,000 €
Home automation alarm systemBetween 725 and 3 900 €
Alarm with GSM technologyBetween 750 and 3,450 €

These prices do not include the cost of installation. In addition, they are decreasing according to the supplier. In this situation, it is necessary to always request a home alarm quote without a subscription.

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