Can the “Shared World” be switched off at some point? We asked the developers

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With Diablo 4, the main series of the franchise is also getting more and more MMO features. But many long-established fans reject this – especially the so-called “Shared World”. MeinMMO author Maik Schneider was able to talk to the Diablo bosses about whether there are plans for an option to completely disable the feature.

Diablo 4 invited for an interview and with a view of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin I chatted with Joe Shely (Game Director) and Rod Fergusson (General Manager of the Diablo Franchise) about the new action RPG.

My first question was about Diablo 4’s “Shared World” and whether you can turn it off at some point. In certain areas you can meet other players, which is not particularly well received by many Diablo fans.

Here’s what the Diablo 4 bosses told me about it. More information about the multiplayer features is available in the video:

In Diablo 4 you can gamble with players from all over the world – All information about multiplayer

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Shared World is part of the foundation of Diablo 4

Will there ever be an option to disable the shared world? Even if my interview partners dance around the answer a bit, I get a pretty clear “no” to hear.

Why don’t you want that? The shared world is an important basic feature of Diablo 4. Certain things cannot be done without other players – such as the violent world bosses.

But keep an eye on the players who are still skeptical about the feature. Certain aspects of the game have been designed in such a way that you rarely meet other players if you don’t really want to.

This includes completing certain missions during the campaign before the world becomes a shared world. In the social hubs, such as the cities, you will always meet others. And even after the campaign is over, strangers are everywhere in the open world. However, you can complete dungeons entirely on your own.

The decision was made because you don’t see any disadvantages for the individual player. I then brought up the argument of immersion, which is disturbed when “HansWurscht69” runs through the picture. Joe Shely calls such players “DancingBears” and thinks that one consciously accepts this break in immersion because one hopes for more advantages than disadvantages through the shared world.

Rod Fergusson also said: The only reason not to bring the shared world would be the fight for loot in the normal PvE environment. But since that doesn’t exist, he sees no real reason why there shouldn’t be a shared world.

By the way, we’re not quite sure how many players we can meet in the shared world areas of the open world. Reports are currently talking about 6 players, but will keep an eye on this and adjust if necessary.

If you have any questions about the topic or opinions, then leave a comment. Would you rather read more about Diablo 4, take a look here: Diablo 4 shows the German voice of Lilith, makes you shudder: “Break your chains”