Can Nyan’s party leader sit in Botkyrka’s municipal council?

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Mikael Yüksel has previously been politically active in Gothenburg, but when the Nyans party looked like it would enter the Botkyrka municipal council in connection with the election, he is said to have reported to the Tax Agency shortly afterwards that he moved to Botkyrka the day before the election.

SVT Nyheter Stockholm has been in contact with the county administrative board in Stockholm, which states that the Electoral Authority does not see any obstacles to Mikael Yüksel being elected in Botkyrka, as he must have been registered in the municipality retroactively.

Thus, the county board does not see any obstacles either, even if the formal decision on which members will enter the municipality is not made until next week.

The party Nyans is aimed at minorities, and in particular at Muslims – the party wants, among other things, to ban Koran burnings and fight Islamophobia. At the same time, Nyans has attracted a lot of criticism among other parties for controversial statements, including that Muslims in Sweden are imprisoned without trial.