Can a dog live happily in an apartment?

Can a dog live happily in an apartment

Adopting a dog should not be taken lightly. Because a dog is not an object. It is a sensitive being which has its own needs and which is no longer considered as “movable property” (inanimate thing) by the Civil Code since the law of February 16, 2015. It is therefore legitimate to ask whether a dog can live happily in an apartment.

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We are not all lucky enough to live in a house with garden. But do we have to deprive ourselves of the happiness to share our apartment with a dog? The answer is clearly no !

First, because there are dogs that adapt very easily to indoor living and breeds that do not suffer from limited space. So, the Yorkshire, the Dachshund or the Chihuahua. But beware, it is not only a question here of the size of the dog but much more of its temperament. the Jack Russelfor example, is a small dog. But he turns out to be particularly dynamic and your life in an apartment with him could quickly turn into a nightmare. The English Bulldog, on the other hand, is a little larger, but his phlegm will allow him to accept an indoor life very well. Another even more astonishing example is the Great Dane, a giant with a big heart that requires more presence than exercise.

Also note that some dogs are calmer than others, either because it is in their charactereither because they’re getting old — a good reason to adopt a senior from a shelter — or simply because they don’t like exercise. They will be perfect apartment companions.

Lots of attention and a little exercise

But the most important thing is to ask yourself how much attention you will be able to give to this dog you want to adopt. What will your availability be? Because a dog living in an apartment needs to be walked more often and longer than a dog living in a house with a garden. It should be noted in passing, the latter will not be able to be satisfied with constantly remaining behind his fence either. For him to be happy, he must be allowed to to runto play and even to meet other dogs. It will be necessary to be attentive to his needs and we are not talking here only about “pee” and “popos”. It will be necessary to offer him something to spend both physically and intellectually.

Another aspect a little more important for an apartment dog: his education. If you decide to adopt a puppy, you will have to be uncompromising and efficient about toilet training. You will also have to teach him to be alone without screaming to death. Two objectives: to prevent him from becoming anxious and your neighbors from becoming your worst enemies. More generally, it will be necessary to teach him not to bark untimely. Finally, it will be necessary to familiarize him with the city. How to behave well in society, socialize him with his congeners as well as with the humans he will not fail to meet. Again, it will be a lot of time to devote to it. So before crossing the gate of the refuge, be sure of your decision…

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