Camilla Richardsson’s manager tells how the European Championship was saved for the runner who lost her fortune | Sport

Thieves took everything from Camilla Richardsson at the European Championships

Richardsson could breathe a sigh of relief in Rome, when his management team calmed down and quickly provided new equipment for the athlete who had become a victim of thieves.

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Friday’s big news at the press conference of the Finnish team in Rome was joined by an endurance runner Camilla to Richardsonwho will compete in the EC half-marathon on Monday.

Richardsson had lost all the possessions he had brought with him to Italy, according to the thieves who broke into his car.

The situation was made especially critical by the fact that on Thursday, in addition to the passport and bank card, the thieves also took Richardsson’s racing shoes.

On Saturday, relieved, Richardsson told Urheilu that his management team had quickly procured new sneakers from the equipment manufacturer for the athlete. A top runner like Richardsson can’t buy them in a store.

– In addition, I was able to borrow gels and sports drinks, so everything should be fine, said Richardsson, who ran the Finnish record for 10,000 meters and the marathon last year and the half marathon this year.

The first people Richardsson called after the disaster was revealed was his manager Mario My bass.

– The situation was extremely challenging for the athlete. Camilla was in the most difficult imaginable situation, Bassani told Urheilu on Saturday.

Nokkaman put in the wind

The head man of the Mezzomanagement company, which represents a large number of endurance runners, put the wind in the ground.

– Of course, we have close relations with the shoe manufacturer, from which we very quickly got Camilla new competition shoes. He is a great person, and that’s why helping in a rough situation was a great joy. But this is also the job of a management company sometimes.

New slippers are always worn in, so to speak, before competing in them, but Richardsson will inevitably miss that stage in Rome.