Camilla Richardsson had a nightmarish 48 hours – even her wedding ring was stolen: “I don’t own anything anymore” | Sport

Camilla Richardsson had a nightmarish 48 hours even her

Camilla Richardsson had to run the half-marathon in new shoes, which may have contributed to the pain in the soles of her feet and the suspension of the race.

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Endurance runner Camilla Richardson had to stop athletics at the European Championships after ten kilometers of the women’s half-marathon because of sore feet.

Richardsson ran in the race in new marathon shoes, as he was a victim of thieves earlier this week. Everything he had with him for the European Championships in Rome and the planned high-altitude camp in St. Moritz after the Games was taken from the back of Richardsson’s rental car.

– The last 48 hours have been a terrible adjustment. There were things that cannot be bought back. For example, a wedding ring, Richardsson said.

In addition to the ring and competition shoes, the thieves also took Richardsson’s passport and bank card.

– I don’t own anything anymore.

On Saturday, relieved, Richardsson told Urheilu that his management team had quickly bought the athlete new slippers from the equipment manufacturer after the theft. A top runner like Richardsson can’t buy them in a store.

The situation was nightmarish for Finnish runners, because getting used to new footwear takes time. New slippers are always worn in, so to speak, before they are seriously raced.

Endurance running coach Rami Virlander covered Richardsson’s suspension for Urheilu.

– Whether it was because of the new shoes, it’s hard to say. It didn’t make sense to continue, Virlander said.

“I thought this is my day”

Richardsson was still in the main group after five kilometers and is currently in 15th place, i.e. in excellent positions. The Finnish runner said that he tried to focus on the race as well as possible, despite the situation.

According to the athlete, after 10 kilometers there was no other option but to stop the competition.

– This failure hurts in the heart. I was very involved in the beginning and there was nothing to worry about.

Difficult moments started early in the race.

– I thought for a little while that maybe this is my day. The soles of my feet started to cramp and hurt badly after 7-8 kilometers. I thought I could run to the end, but I couldn’t, said a disappointed Richardsson.

Before the competition Urheilu’s expert Janne Ukonmaanaho estimates that Richardsson can run from places 10-20 at his record speed.

– Now is not the time to be broken, eyes are already on Paris, Richardsson stated decisively.

Richardsson competed in Rome for the seventh time in the adult competition.

The women’s half marathon victory was celebrated by Norway Karoline Björkell Grövdal before Romania Joan Chelimo Mellya and Britain Calli Hauger-Thackerya.

The second Finnish representative of the competition Alisa Vainio ran to 27th place with a time of 1.11.50. He lost to the Norwegian by 3.41 minutes.