Camilla Dymling in the chaos after the earthquake in Morocco

Camilla Dymling and her mother were just about to turn off for the night in the hotel room in Marrakech when the whole room started to sound.

– At first it sounded like he was remodeling in the room next door, but in a rather unpleasant way, she says.

But then it really took off. Paintings fell from the walls and the whole room began to shake.

– Then we fly out of bed.

“Incredibly scared”

They stood on the doorpost to wait out the worst of the quake. Camilla tells us that it takes about 30 seconds before they decide to try to leave the hotel, which was located in the Medina.

– There are lots of narrow and fantastically beautiful alleys. But also old houses and nowhere to go. I was incredibly afraid that the houses would collapse and that we would get stuck. So I just felt that we had to get out, says Camilla Dymling.

The night was spent sitting on a curb in a park. She says that they received “far too little information”. But when they saw that even the Moroccans were doing the same, it felt safer.

The restaurant was no longer there

At 4 o’clock they returned to the hotel to check out and change to another hotel on more level ground. Only four hours later were they able to do so. And during the journey there, the disasters caused by the earthquake reminded me.

– We drove past one of the restaurants we had lunch at two days earlier. It was no longer there. There was a big hole in it, so I’m incredibly lucky to be alive, says Camilla Dymling.

– But I met a woman who works at the hotel, and her colleague has lost her entire family. It is truly a sad day and it will take time to process this.

Now they hope to be able to travel home during the day. But there is considerable uncertainty as to whether they will be able to do so.

– I heard a while ago from the staff at the hotel that there were canceled flights, but I have not received any further information. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

“Should we hug and cry”

The earthquake was centered under the Atlas Mountains seven miles south of Marrakech. The quake was measured at a magnitude of 6.8, according to the US Geological Survey, and at least 820 people have died.

Camilla Dymling says that she and her mother managed without physical injuries.

– Mentally, we need to hug and cry a lot. It feels tough in every way and we long to go home to more of the family back home, she says.