Came to feed the fishes – fired up the kitchen

Came to feed the fishes – fired up the kitchen

Published: Less than 40 min ago

full screen The landlord demanded that the man pay over SEK 600,000 after causing a fire in the mother’s apartment. Archive image. Photo: Claudio Bresciani/TT

The municipal landlord MKB in Malmö demanded more than SEK 600,000 from a man after he accidentally caused a fire in an apartment he was supposed to take care of, reports Hem och Hyra.

The man was to look after his mother’s apartment while she was away. One evening he was there to feed the aquarium fish. He took the opportunity to cook some food, but fell asleep away from the stove and woke up when the fire alarm went off.

The kitchen was completely destroyed and the apartment covered in soot.

The landlord considered that the man had been negligent and demanded compensation from him for four years without success. The landlord then sued the man in the district court for SEK 633,000 without him appearing at the hearing.

Later, however, the district court determined that the man must pay SEK 100,000.