Caltagirone, Board of Directors confirms Francesco Gaetano Caltagirone as President

Vianini Caltagirone exceeds 90 Towards delisting

(Finance) – The Board of Directors of Caltagironewhich met for the first time after the appointment made by the Shareholders’ Meeting last May 6th, has confirmed President Francesco Gaetano Caltagirone for the current financial year and in office Vice president Azzurra Caltagirone.

The Board of Directors has assessed that the Directors Filomena Passeggio And Sarah Moscatelli possess the requirements independence established by current legislation; the same Councilors were appointed members for the three-year period 2024 – 2026
of the Committee of Independent Directors for the evaluation of transactions with related parties.

Fabrizio Caprara was appointed, for the current financial year, as the manager responsible for preparing the company’s accounting documents.