Calmer season for sea rescue

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From Easter to mid-July, the Sea Rescue Association has responded to 1,828 preventive calls. This is a decrease of 423 calls compared to the same period last year, according to preliminary statistics.

The most common reasons for these calls are engine or propeller failure, grounding and launch assistance. The category also includes those who needed help after bad weather and disorientation.

Less movement

The last two summers were intense, when many people discovered boating in connection with the pandemic. This year there is slightly less movement at sea, but still a lot of boats, according to Emma Valham, communications manager at the Sea Rescue Society.

— This summer has so far been more of a “normal summer,” she says.

However, the same reduction is not visible among the rescue service missions, the more urgent calls received by 112. 455 calls have been carried out during the period, compared to 486 in the same period last year, according to the statistics from the Maritime Rescue Society.

The weather plays a role

The weather also plays a role. During the hot summer of 2018, which had sustained heat, an increase in incidents and accidents was seen.

“This summer has been more changeable weather, which affects how people move on and around water,” says Emma Valham.

The number of sick transports is at approximately the same level. 248 such were made during the period, two more compared to last year.