Callisto Protocol price pulled down

Callisto Protocol price pulled down

The production, which has been struggling with problems since its release, could not meet the sales. The company is looking for a solution by lowering the Callisto Protocol price.

It has been more than a month since the launch of Callisto Protocol, but it did not meet the expected sales. For this reason, publisher Krafton Callisto Protocol sale price decided to take it down.

The Callisto Protocol goes for a price cut

The price of the production, which has been a little over a month since its release, has been drastically reduced in such a short time. Price reduction applies to PC and console versions. on Steam price When we look at the 499 TL sales tag, we see a 20% discount to 399.20 TL. The discount will last until January 19.

In the news we shared the other day, we stated that Callisto Protocol could not even cover the cost of its sales. With this move, the company seems to be trying to at least compensate for the production costs. The Callisto Protocol development cost totaled $162 million and was expected to sell more than 5 million copies in the first period. Despite this, it is stated that the game has not reached even half of this figure yet, and it can barely reach 2 million sales by the end of this year.

In addition, the game’s review scores are very low and the fact that there are many problems that have not been resolved yet is a major factor in the low sales. While these will be fixed in future expansions and patches, Cyberpunk’s situation is clear. It took more than a year for the game to recover. This also affected the motivation of the producer.