Cake introduces business-oriented electric bike model

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Prepared in the Scandinavian design language electric motorcycle models attract attention Cakethis time sound with an electric bike brought.

Cake signature, which focuses directly on business use and has a high carrying capacity in this context. electric bike model elegant, an option designed for carrying loads at the front and rear. The model, which is applied for short-distance transportation works in the city, according to the official data of the company. 36 kg weight and specifically 165 kg can handle the load. Promising a comfortable ride with its thick tires elegantIt transfers with a belt for smooth driving and brings a range of 220 km depending on use with a single battery of close to 6 kg. However, the model can be equipped with three different batteries if desired. If this is done Pedal-assisted range reaches up to 360 km.

Max speed 32km/h The model, which is at a sufficient level in the city, is powered by an electric motor with a maximum torque of 1,000W and 100 Nm. With its built-in USB-C port, it can charge the driver’s smartphone. electric bike Åik, Unfortunately it’s not a cheap bike. The international price announced for the model introduced within the scope of CES 2023 is full. $6,500 is level.


Cake, electric ATV model before this kibb He knew how to stand out. to all the details here currently in the concept stage kibbcontinues the company’s iconic design line and being developed on the basis of autonomous driving.

2025 The model, which is aimed to be put on the roads in 2018, that is, with a longer period in front of it, can be used normally if desired, or if desired, for example, on an agricultural land. will be able to operate without a driver to carry loads. It is customizable depending on its autonomous structure. Cake first signed ATV model kibbIn case of need, it will be able to provide electricity to electronic products in the field with the battery it carries.