Cabinet in Israel is meeting for Prosperity! Statement from the official: Attacks may continue during Ramadan as well

Cabinet in Israel is meeting for Prosperity Statement from the

Israeli television Channel 12 announced that the Government Cabinet will meet next week under the leadership of Benjamin Netanyahu. Before the critical cabinet, War Cabinet Member Benny Gantz signaled that attacks on Gaza could continue during Ramadan.

In the news, War Cabinet Member Benny Gantz’s statement that “If a prisoner exchange agreement is not reached with Hamas, the attacks on Gaza may continue during Ramadan and they will also attack Rafah” was reminded.


The city of Rafah, located south of Gaza on the Egyptian border, was home to approximately 280 thousand Palestinians before the Israeli attacks. Due to Israel’s attacks on October 7, 1.9 million people were displaced in the Gaza Strip, which has a population of approximately 2.3 million.

Most of the displaced Palestinians took refuge in Rafah, which Israel had previously claimed was “safe”. With the arrivals from the northern regions, the population of Rafah more than quadrupled, reaching 1.4 million.

Most of the Palestinians who took refuge in Rafah due to lack of sufficient housing are struggling to survive in camps consisting of makeshift tents.

Israeli forces target the city of Rafah with frequent air strikes. It is feared that if Israel launches a land attack on the city of Rafah, civilians will have no shelter in the Gaza Strip.

On February 9, Netanyahu instructed the Israeli army and security agency to “prepare a plan to attack Rafah.”

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