C: Half a billion for track switches

C Half a billion for track switches

Updated 11.55 | Published 11.46




full screen The railway is worn in many places in Sweden and needs maintenance. Archive image. Photo: Johan Nilsson/TT

In its shadow budget, the Center Party presents an investment of SEK 500 million to repair switches in the railway. The funds are enough to replace up to 100 track switches, according to the party.

– Sweden’s infrastructure is now completely collapsing. We’ve seen it all winter. Rails and roads in our country are so badly neglected that it is becoming an issue for our country’s security, says party leader Muharrem Demirok.

Almost 1,900 track switches are already out of use today and every year 150 switches reach their technical life, according to the Swedish Transport Administration.

– This means that there will be over 30 billion in delayed maintenance, says spokesperson Ulrika Heie (C) and mentions that measures are needed in both rails, sleepers, fortifications and switches.

C wants to finance part of the large maintenance debt that Sweden has on the infrastructure by switching to a balance target in the state budget.

The government presents its budget proposal on April 15, after which the opposition submits its budget motions – also known as shadow budgets.