By heart – The poem in Greek

Memory is what resists time “, says Ephie Raikopoulou, professor of literature. In her mother tongue, she recites a poem in Greek by heart. Intertwined, his memories weave links between listening and memory, between cultures and languages.

SERIESBY HEART – THE SOUND THAT REMAINS wishes to stimulate reflection and create creations around the sound memories and oral cultures of the world. What words, poems, lullabies, slogans, songs… do we remember by heart? What sounds marked us, are we able to imitate orally? Seemingly unimportant, these fragments that we keep deep inside us and know how to recite, with our own voice, constitute living archives of what we retain, voluntarily or not, from our world as and above all from that of others.

Excerpt by heart from this episode : The Rock and the Wave », an allegorical poem written by Aristotelis Valaoritis in 1863.


What don’t you forget?

What remains of everything we hear, what don’t we forget? Monica Fantini wishes to multiply our perceptions and listenings of the world and to meet everyone. She collects and records texts, sounds, songs learned by heart from people of different languages, backgrounds and ages by evoking the context and the memories they bring to light… Assembled and intertwined, these fragments will compose also sound mosaics of the memories of the five continents within the framework of sound installations in Europe and Africa.

And you, what do you remember? If you wish to participate and meet Monica Fantini, you can write to this address: [email protected]

Listen to the world, everyone

Both a radio program broadcast every Sunday in the RFI news bulletin and a participatory platform, “Listen to the world” lets us hear the cultures, languages ​​and imaginations of the world through sounds from Africa, America, Asia, Europe or Oceania. Hundreds of shows to listen to, while the participatory and scalable platform offers sound postcards and recordings. To date, 245 sound recordings are available for free access.