Buyer orders a graphics card for €530, but receives 5 – only notices it a month later

A German Twitter user only placed an order from January 9th on February 8th and found five of the valuable cards instead of an RTX 4060 TI graphics card. Curious: The dealer Galaxus didn’t notice this either. Twitter users immediately advise: Sell the stuff. But is he allowed to do that?

That was the tweet:

  • German Twitch streamer and YouTuber Gamerstime wrote on Twitter on February 8th. He ordered a 4060 TI and wanted to install it in his PC today. But when he opened the package from the mail order company Galaxus, he saw that there were 5 of the graphics cards inside.
  • The streamer says: At first he thought he had made a mistake and accidentally ordered five, but that was an “invoice purchase” and the package had been lying around with him for almost a month: he had had the package since January 10th and had not opened it yet .
  • He wrote directly to the manufacturer via Twitter about what he should do about it.
  • What kind of graphics card is this? The Geforce RTX 460 TI OC with 16 GB costs 530 euros at Galaxus.

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    “Manufacturer thanks you for your honesty”

    Does he get anything out of it? The mail order company Galaxus would be happy to take the graphics cards back from him. They probably “meant too well,” it says on Twitter.

    We sincerely thank the user for their honesty.

    How is this discussed? There was a discussion on Twitter, along the lines of: “If they haven’t noticed this for a month, then just sell the graphics cards.”

    But Gamerstime replied: He doesn’t really need the money and the graphics cards don’t belong to him.

    Other German Twitter users also advise: Better send them back.

    Some users are also generous and offer to relieve them of the burden of such a graphics card and take it themselves.

    This is how to deal correctly with too many goods delivered

    What does this look like legally? Such cases of “order one, get two or ten delivered” have happened more often in the past.

    The legal situation is clear, as IT lawyer Yvonne Bachmann explains: The buyer has no right to keep these goods because he has not concluded a purchase contract for them (via

    However, the retailer is not allowed to charge for the excess goods sent. If the dealer demands the goods back, you have to hand them over.

    It is recommended that you contact the retailer and get a shipping label for the return from them so that you are not stuck with the shipping costs, which the retailer has to pay or arrange for collection yourself.

    However, it is a rarity that the retailer does not even notice that he has sent too much – as in this case – and that the customer only notices it a month later. Mail order companies usually take precautions to ensure that something like this doesn’t happen or is at least noticed quickly.

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