Bus driver assaulted – perpetrator at large

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A bus driver in Malmö was assaulted on Sunday evening with an attachment. The bus driver was taken by ambulance to hospital for treatment, but it is not yet clear how badly he was injured.

The incident is classified as serious assault, says Evelina Olsson, police spokesperson, to SVT.

– We don’t know exactly, there must have been a dispute between the bus driver and the perpetrator, and then the bus driver was beaten, she says.

– The perpetrator was not a passenger on the bus.

Surveillance cameras

The perpetrator is said to have had a skateboard or longboard that he rode when he left the scene.

Do you know anything about how the bus driver is doing?

– No more than that we were able to talk to him briefly. We have also taken several testimonies on the spot.

The police do not yet know who the perpetrator is but “have a good description to go on”. The man is around 25 years old, has a large, unkempt beard, is dressed in baggy clothes and wears a cap.

At the moment, the police are working, among other things, together with the bus company to go through material from surveillance cameras in the bus to see if the incident has been filmed.

Urges the public

According to information, the man must have left for the Västra hamnen area. The police urge the public to call 112 if they know anything about the man or have seen him.