Bully hit’s exact return date revealed

Bully hits exact return date revealed

It is still the sensational news of the German film year 2024: With The Canoe of Manitu, a sequel to The Shoe of Manitu is coming to us. Filming will start this year Part 2 of the successful western comedywhich attracted well over 11 million viewers to the cinema 23 years ago.

But when will the new film be released? As Blickpunkt:Film reports, the official theatrical release of The Canoe of Manitu has now been confirmed.

When does The Shoe of Manitu 2 start in the cinema?

The Canoe of Manitu aka The Shoe of Manitu 2 starts on August 14, 2025 in German cinemas. Constantin Film is positioning the sequel to the Winnetou parody as a big summer blockbuster that falls right during the school holidays. Nothing stands in the way of a trip to the cinema with the whole family.

It is not yet known what the new film is about. For now, fans can only speculate about the plot of The Canoe of Manitu based on the title. However, the film was announced with the promise that, alongside the… Return of some familiar characters, also expects the arrival of fresh faces. Hopefully Eyes Wide Shut star Sky du Mont will also be back as Santa Maria.

The legacy of the Bully Parade lives on

Michael “Bully” Herbig returns once again to the comedy cosmos that he created with the Bullyparade at the end of the 1990s. The sketch show ran on ProSieben from 1997 to 2002. Since then, Bully has been on and off individual characters and ideas picked up from the format. Without the bully parade, neither The Shoe of Manitu nor (T)raumschiff Surprise – Period 1 would exist.

Constantine film

The Shoe of Manitu

The animated film Lissi and the Wild Emperor also draws on the show, not to mention the big reunion in the cinema: Bullyparade – The Film. Two people who obviously shouldn’t be missing are Christian Tramitz and Rick Kavanian. They are Part of all iconic Bullyparade projects and also appear in The Canoe of Manitu, both in front of and behind the camera.

Together with Tramitz and Kavanian, Bully wrote the script for the new Manitu film. He also takes on the direction and the role of Abahachi. Meanwhile, Tramitz puts on the ranger costume again and Kavanian stumbles through the Wild West once again as Dimitri. Like with that controversial figure Winnetouch (also embodied by Bully in the original) is still unclear.