Budget law, Anief prepares flurry of amendment proposals

Labor Istat 66 points gap between prices and contractual wages

(Finance) – The almost 35 billion euro maneuver approved by the Government includes, among other things, 103 sharethe pension advance to avoid a return to the Fornero Law, and the possibility for women with children to leave earlier. On the school side, on the other hand, the provisions decided by the ministers and the prime minister are disappointing to date: the only provision is the restoration of the contribution for equal schools, equal to 70 million, plus the transport of disabled pupils (24 million). Nothing has been done on personnel and mobility notwithstanding the current criteriaon the changes necessary for the recruitment of precarious workers in the transitional phase of the PNRR, such as to provide additional resources for professional teacher profiles, ATA, Dsga. How the free redemption of years of university training and the extension of fragile workers to all teaching staff has not been translated into law, so as to achieve a pension advance without discrimination. The Anief trade union is preparing to propose ad hoc amendments to be approved in the process of converting the decree into law.

“Undoubtedly,” he comments Marcello Pacifico, president of Anief – on pensions, Anief’s proposal to bring forward the retirement age for working mothers to promote the birth rate was partially accepted, but within the women’s option. Since last summer, our union had asked, in the Manifesto of 25 September, to eliminate all penalties and also to recognize free redemption of contributions for each child: it didn’t happen that way, but we consider it a start. As far as school is concerned, however, the law at the end of 2023 needs to be rewritten: only the resources for parity have been assigned. While no response has been provided on the many urgencies: from personnel to mobility, from recruitment to the revision of the PNRR”.

“Our union – continues the leader of Anief – is ready for dialogue with Parliament and the Government for the appropriate changes: in fact, we will produce a flurry of amendment proposals during the parliamentary debate. Certainly, without new appropriations, the revision of the professional profiles of administrative staff, the fight against dispersion and also the Teacher Card bonus will be at risk “.

“Our union – continues Pacifico – will continue to fight until the end to obtain additional staff and the enlargement of the rankings of the Extraordinary competition bis. Not approving this, among other things, would mean seriously risking the funds of the PNRR. We also expect the Minister of Education to translate into resources the commitment made with us representative unions last November 10, on the eve of the signing of the hypothesis of the national collective agreement 2019-21: we ask the new Parliament for an act of coherence, also with respect to the promises made during the electoral campaign”.

In this regard, for the renewal of the 2019/2021 contract and the assignment of the arrears in December, the Government, through the Council of Ministers, authorized the Minister for Public Administration Paolo Zangrillo to sign the hypothesis signed last week at the ‘Aran, as requested by Anief since the first meetings in May. “In that meeting – concluded President Anief – a political commitment was made to allocate half a billion more to education than the rest of the PA. Of course, 2.5 points were recovered also with respect to the inflation of the previous decade and therefore with respect to the old contract. And the first additional 100 million of the 500 million promised in the political agreement of 10 November have been allocated in Legislative Decree 176/22”.