“BTK has launched an official investigation into Twitch competitor Kick.”

Twitch rival Kick has offered many publishers in Turkey

One of the claims made today is that Twitch rival platform kick about BTK launched an official investigation.

By İbrahim Haskoloğlu Here The claim made was as follows: “BTK launched an investigation against Kick, which works with international gambling companies, includes gambling on its platform, and entered Turkey in recent months.” Controversial live streaming platform Recently, he made offers to more than one publisher in Turkey and signed agreements. Kick last year It came to the fore with a very big transfer.. One of the biggest broadcasters of the Twitch platform in recent times xQC or real name Félix Lengyel, rival platform kick for two years with full $100 million an agreement had signed. Breaking a huge record in terms of money paid for publisher transfers xQCKick agreement is interesting “non-special” signed in a structure. So, although xQC will receive exactly 100 million dollars, it has the permission to continue broadcasting on Twitch or another platform alongside Kick if it wishes (provided that not at the same time). So how can a newly established platform like Kick give $100 million to just one person?


Crypto gambling website behind My Platform stake It is located. In other words, the basis of the platform is gambling money, which is why gambling broadcasts and broadcasters have a very high rate in the service. The platform, which also hosts many broadcasters who broadcast live on other topics, is more popular than Twitch. “trustworthy” or “well controlled” is not a place and in this respect it faces very serious criticism. Only time will tell exactly how the platform’s adventure in Turkey will be. A ban step may be taken for the platform soon.