Brutally good fantasy horror series with Game of Thrones star is finally starting with us – and lets you forget Brad Pitt

Brutally good fantasy horror series with Game of Thrones star
Today the time has finally come: The fantasy horror series Interview with the Vampire arrives at Sky/WOW in Germany with a three-month delay. And the enthusiasm that has spilled over to us since the US start is real: The remake of the first book from the Chronicles of the Vampires * by author Anne Rice is surprising despite the popularity of the material. Namely surprisingly brutal, surprisingly haunting and surprisingly good. Game of Thrones star as a vampire: You shouldn’t reject this horror interview

One initial skepticism is of course understandable. My first reaction was: do we really need it still Series rebooting an acclaimed film? Does broadcaster AMC’s production (despite hits like The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad) even stand a chance against Neil Jordan’s successful adaptation Interview with a Vampire with Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise? The happy answer is: yes.


Interview with the Vampire: Lestat and Louis

The story of Rolin Jones’ Interview with the Vampire initially remains the same on the surface: Louis de Pointe du Lac (Jacob Anderson) seeks out journalist Daniel Molloy (Eric Bogosian) to help him his life or to tell an undead story. After the vampire Lestat (Sam Reid) transformed him in New Orleans in 1910 and gave him a daughter with Claudia (Bailey Bass), he got to know the many pitfalls of immortality.

Main actor Jacob Anderson as Louis is a stunner. Game of Thrones’ disciplined eunuch fighter becomes Gray Worm sensual vampire, under whose melancholic surface things are constantly bubbling. Anderson’s engaging acting and chemistry with co-star Sam Reid employs nuance that Brad Pitt’s beautiful image of a vampire was, in hindsight, lacking.


Interviews with the Vampires: 1994 and 2002

Then let’s count them amazing brutality Add to this, with which heads break through the 7 series episodes and the fantasy genre is pushed to its bloody limits, it should be clear that this uncompromising horror series doesn’t mince its canine-riddled mouth.

Bloody, dramatic, queer – Interview with the Vampire impresses as a modern fantasy remake

Despite the historical flashback setting, fantastic costumes and sets, Interview with the Vampire always feels modern. What especially the changes Credit is given to the Interview with the Vampire a refreshing new twist give. The series pulls existing narrative levers in a different direction to make the story its own.

Clearly, Louis is no longer a white plantation owner (and slave owner), but a wealthy one African American with a thriving brothel – with all the racist hostilities and gloomy fantasies of revenge that come with being a political commentary.

Also the step to one gay protagonist is fully appreciated. What was always present in Anne Rice’s plants (and even in Neil Jordan’s film) and is inscribed in every vampire story as a sexual bite metaphor anyway, is only brought to the surface here. Including domestic violence when two vampires explore their power gap between erotic desire and cruelty in the most dramatic way.

The fact that the Interview with the Vampire series is very well aware of its remake character (and doesn’t want to hide it at all) is already evident in episode 1: when it becomes clear that the interviewer and vampire met many years ago. Now the reporter is more experienced and the bloodsucker is willing to correct certain statements. And this Concept of a narration on top of another narration at a flashback gives the story an enjoyable complexity that still has a few surprises in store for fans of the story. If you get involved, you can have an explosive one here Genre wonders in series form experience.

Interview with the Vampire starts today, January 5, 2022 on Sky/WOW with two of the seven episodes and will then be shown in double episodes weekly.

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