Brutal horror slasher was on the index for 40 years and is now coming to home cinema uncut

Brutal horror slasher was on the index for 40 years

Good news for fans of classic horror films: Satan’s Bloodlust is finally coming out a real cult flick of the slasher genre uncut on Blu-ray. Italian director Mario Bava’s brutal work has rightly earned a reputation as Gem of its genre Developed.

We’ll now tell you why this is the case and what you get for your money with the uncut Blu-ray version of Satan’s Bloodlust.

Classic of the horror genre: Satan’s Bloodlust on Amazon


To the deal

What does the uncut Blu-ray version of Satan’s Bloodlust offer?

You can order the Blu-ray version of Satan’s Bloodlust * at Amazon for 19.99 euros. The DVD version costs 16.99 euros. There are also a total of three different media books priced between 41.84 euros and 60.36 euros, each limited to 222 copies are – so it pays to be quick.

All of these home cinema variants contain the film in the uncut version, upscaled to HD resolution. The limited media books also include alternative scenestrailer and other bonuses as well as a picture gallery for the film.

That’s why Satan’s Bloodlust is considered a classic today

After Count Filippo Donati murders his wife, Countess Federica Donati, out of greed, he soon becomes the victim of a brutal murder. When some young people break into the Countess’s property out of curiosity, they are also murdered.

Meanwhile, the countess’ heirs are fighting over her villa, which doesn’t end well: the corpses are piling up while a deadly mixture of greed and vindictiveness takes hold…

Even if opinions differ somewhat about the quality of Satan’s Bloodlust, the film is still considered a classic today for one very specific reason: Bava’s work is one of the most first slasher films ever and basically founded the genre.

Satan’s Bloodlust also significantly influenced films like Scream! or I know what you did last summer. Some killing sequences even clearly resemble two murders in Friday the 13th Part 2.

For horror fans who are interested in cinema history, Satan’s Bloodlust is a must definitely a must-see. The limited media books, meanwhile, look great on any film collector’s shelf.

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