Bruno Le Maire “freaks out”, Elisabeth Borne lets go too much…

Bruno Le Maire freaks out Elisabeth Borne lets go too

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SNU: Once upon a time

The famous mandatory SNU (universal national service) promised by Emmanuel Macron is in the dark. However, it was almost announced with great fanfare by the president himself. “Two dates had been blocked in the agenda, the trip accompanying the announcement had been prepared, before the social movements caused by the pension reform upset everything”, says an actor in the file.

Hidalgo won’t let go of Paris anytime soon

“I’m in charge.” This is Anne Hidalgo’s new mantra, which she said for the first time during a lunch around her majority at the beginning of the year 2023, and which she has not stopped repeating since then to her visitors. “And to all those whom she believes want to replace her,” whispers one of her relatives, mockingly. Way for the town hall of Paris to calm the ardor of those who watch with greed the next municipal, starting with the ecologist Yannick Jadot whose noise of a candidacy rustles loudly. A message also sent to his first deputy, Emmanuel Grégoire, with whom relations are on the upswing and who is only waiting for the starting signal to embark on the race for succession. But don’t bury Hidalgo too quickly, warns one of his followers: “She does this to maintain her authority until the end, but it can also be interpreted as a way of considering a candidacy. She is full of surprises! ” And the same to promise: “If the Olympics are a success, her promise not to be a candidate for a third term will no longer really hold. She will.”

“Elisabeth, your hand! In front of your mouth!

Two hours on Tuesdays in the Assembly, an hour and fifteen minutes on Wednesdays in the Senate… Questions to the government are long, very long, even for a leader as conscientious as Élisabeth Borne. The Prime Minister surprised, and above all amused, certain members of her team during the past year: “During the QAGs, she can be very funny, slips one of them. She spends her life making little thoughts when a deputy speaks, like ‘hey, look at this head of ass!'” To forget that the questions are broadcast live and that the cutaways on the faces of the members of the government are numerous. Very quickly, during the session, the most knowledgeable ministers encouraged her to take a few precautions: “Élisabeth, your hand! In front of your mouth!”

The Mayor: don’t look for him!

“There is a before and after this paper: The Mayor has gone off the rails”, recalls a pillar of the presidential majority. On May 3, the magazine Point publishes an article that challenges the determination shown by the powerful Minister of the Economy in controlling public accounts and reducing the debt. In short, the sensitive chord that absolutely must not be touched by the boss of Bercy, especially after the deterioration of the country’s financial rating by Fitch. His cabinet then decided to counterattack: he contacted the deputies of the majority, as well as local elected officials, and offered them – with some impatience – to publish a pre-written, turnkey tweet to defend the minister. … and fly back to the newspaper. “False!”, “Lie”, “Bruno Le Maire can count on the majority”… The mimicry of the messages ready to smile and the request made some parliamentarians uncomfortable.

PCF: the selfie of anger

Nothing is going well between the PCF and LFI, nothing is going well either between the PCF and certain branches of its youth organization, and in particular the young cocos of the North. For months they have been at a cold war with Fabien Roussel and the management, whose strategy against LFI they hardly share. On May 23, the young northerner red guard welcomed Jean-Luc Mélenchon, who came to support the employees of Verbaudet in Tourcoing, with loud applause. They even organized a small group photo with the leader of the rebellious, star of the day, widely distributed on social networks. A cliché that did not please the PCF leadership at all, which had also sent the national boss of communist youth, Léon Deffontaines, to speak in place of the northern flock. “Being choosy, howling scandal for a photo, is either a total misunderstanding of the situation, or great political hypocrisy”, tweeted the young northern communists who, mockingly, took the opportunity to post on Instagram very thankless photos of said Deffontaines during his speech (which they have since deleted). Communism, how many divisions?

French-speaking ambassador

Florence Portelli, charged by Eric Ciotti with issues relating to Culture and Francophonie within the shadow cabinet of the Republicans, and appointed, a few weeks ago, president of the French-speaking mayors within the group of French-speaking employers, positions herself as an ambassador of Francophonie. After a trip to Serbia last week as Mayor of Taverny, where she met with the local Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense as well as the Mayor of Novi Sad, Florence Portelli will travel to Cameroon to attend the 2023 International Economic Councils of Yaoundé (Cameroon), which take place from June 1 to 4.