Broken screen phone aroused suspicion

Broken screen phone aroused suspicion

The broken screen phone incident took place in Mersin. According to the latest details, a citizen hit someone on the road while driving his car. This citizen named AM, who was walking on the road normally, hit his arm on the car. The person driving the vehicle tried to help him. However, he did not know that he was dealing with a scammer.

This man said he slammed his arm on the car and his phone fell to the ground, breaking it. The driver looked at the man’s phone and saw that indeed the glass of the phone was broken. He received 800 TL from the man to have the glass of the phone repaired. But this man was actually using a phone with a broken glass all the time.

The minor bureau chief of the Public Security Branch was faced with a strange complaint. The 67-year-old car owner filed a complaint. He said this man was cheating and walking around with a broken glass phone. The fraudster was caught with the operation carried out in Antalya.

Suspicious of the situation, the IHC thus prevented a significant fraudulent activity. He said that this man intentionally hit his car and wanted to buy 800 TL from him. The teams found that this man had pages of files on similar crimes. The phone with a broken screen was thus used for fraud for the first time.

It is possible to encounter such fraudulent stories from time to time. It is important that citizens complain as soon as they notice any oddity.

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