Broadcasts Focusing on Private Parts Are Banned on Twitch

Twitch has updated its content rules on the platform by banning broadcasts in which streamers reflect their gameplay on private body parts.

Twitch has updated its content rules on the platform, officially banning streamers from broadcasting their gameplay on intimate body parts, particularly hips and breasts. This new regulation will prevent “content that focuses on clothed intimate body parts for a long time” from appearing on the platform as of March 29. This decision was made to ensure greater diversity and quality of content and to protect the Twitch community.

Change to Twitch’s Community Guidelines

Twitch’s decision came due to content creators’ broadcasts focusing on private areas such as butts and breasts using green screen technology. The trend started when controversial streamer Morgpie mirrored his Fortnite gaming session with a close-up of his backside, as noted in a Kotaku article, and was adopted by other streamers. Twitch found such content to be against the “Community Guidelines” and thus imposed restrictions to ensure that the content made Twitch a “hot place”.

This step by Twitch came shortly after Twitch relaxed its rules on sexual content on the platform, as a result of broadcasters broadcasting games in which they played games topless and pretended to be naked. In the face of this situation, Twitch reconsidered its policies and banned users from pretending to be fully or partially naked in their broadcasts.