Bridge over the Strait, expropriation procedures underway

Bridge over the Strait expropriation procedures underway

(Finance) – The company Strait of Messina announced the publication tomorrow of the direct notice for expropriation making it known that for 60 days, starting from next April 8, the subjects whose assets are affected by the procedures expropriative for the bridge over the Strait they will be able to contact technical personnel for assistance, by making a telephone appointment and making their own observations.
“In order to ensure the widest diffusion of information– explained the company – the notice, accompanied by the parcel plan and the list of owner companies, will also be published on the institutional websites of the Calabria Region, the Sicilian Region, the Strait of Messina as well as affixed to the notice boards of the municipalities affected by the implementation of the intervention”.

“This intermediate phase, linked to the publication of the notice, will allow all interested parties to view the documentation relating to the expropriation plan and formulate any observations – he added –. In this context, the Stretto di Messina company will open “Information Desk” both in Messina that a Villa San Giovanniin dedicated spaces made available by the respective municipalities, to provide the necessary support for the analysis of the documentation”.