Breton boy first name: more than 100 ideas inspired by Brittany

Breton boy first name more than 100 ideas inspired by

Are you expecting a baby boy and would like to give him a Celtic name? Here is our guide to the best Breton male first names.

You are a lover of Brittany, and as your little boy is about to be born, you say to yourself thata very pretty Breton first name would you like it? Imagine that there is a very large library of first names from this beautiful region, due to its Celtic origins and the rich history from which it comes. So what you were looking for a rare male Breton first namea classic first name, a soft-sounding first name or even a male name with ancient references, you’ve come to the right place.

Which Breton first names for men are rare?

If Breton first names are renowned for their popularity, there are also less given options, which are therefore rarer for boys! We think, for example, of Fanch, Efflamm, Ehouarn Also. We come across few Getenokof Gaiwin or even of Gourmaelon. Glutron, Gwenc’hlan, Houardon, Jukondin are original and rarely attributed male first names also from Brittany.

The most common Breton first names for boys

here are the 30 most popular Breton male first names in France Last year :

Ideas for sweet male Breton first names

Breton first names for boys can have very delicate, very soft sounds. This is particularly the case of Loisof Cadenof malowhich is reminiscent of a famous saint who gave birth to one of the most famous towns in Brittany, Saint-Malo. Milio is also a sweet Breton name on the ear, like Pol, Rio, Vio or even Yann, very popular. Ael, Alan, Azel, Enor or Eliaz are also some of the options that sound tricky.

What old Breton first name to give to a baby boy?

If you are looking for a old first name to give to your baby, which is inspired by Brittany, why not immerse yourself in the history of the region? Morvan is for example a first name that marked the Bretons, it is that of the writer Morvan Lebesque, who lived in the twentieth century. Armand is also a Breton must-have, due toArmand Tuffin de La Rouërie, who was a freedom fighter, revolutionary, in the 18th century. There is also of course Tristan, from the myth Tristan and Isolde, or Conan, for Conan Mériadec at the heart of a Breton legend. Anatol, Laval and Rohan are also historical Breton first names.

What are the Breton and short male first names?

If you like short first names, Breton first names for boys can also suit you. We count among them Even or Evan, Alan, Ael, Azel, Brieux, Dewi, Drev, Enor. Gaël, Hoël, Ifig, Malo, Naël, Noan, Owen, Pol, Yann. In three letters, in four letters, or in five letters, the Celtic first names are numerous: there are also of course Jil, Juhel, Loig, Loiz, Mael, which is a great classic.

Breton first names for boys, by letter:

Starting with M

If you want to call your son with a Breton first name starting with “m” you have the choice between Maël, Malou, Melaer, Maze, Mate, Maho, Melen, Maden, Madeg, Malo, Meriadeg, Méven, Morgad.

Starting with G

If you want to give your son a Breton first name starting with “g”, there is: Gurvan, Goulwen, Gorgon, Gregor, Guénaël, Gurloës, Gurvand, Gwenou, Gwenolé, Gwendal, Gaël, Garan, Goulven, Guenaël, Gwenaël or Guenhael, and Gwilherm.

Starting with A

Are you looking for a Breton first name for a boy that begins with “a”? There is Aël, Alaric, Arthur, Arthus, Artus, Ayden, Azel, Armel, Arzel, Arthur, Aodren, Andrev, Alan, Alban, Abel, Arzhul.

Starting with O

Do you want an “o” name for your baby boy? There is Olier, Obel, Orwen, Orwal, Odren, Orvan, Owen.

Starting with E

In the list of Breton first names in “e” for a little boy, we find: Elouan, Erwan, Erlé, Evan, Even, Ewan or Ewen, Ewenn, Ervoan, Eliaz, Edern, Eflam,