Brest – Troyes: disappointment for ESTAC Troyes, what to remember

Brest Troyes disappointment for ESTAC Troyes what to remember

SB29 – ESTAC. They did not manage to preserve their goals, but the Brestois are victorious, at the Stade Francis-Le Blé, against ESTAC Troyes. Verdict of this Brest – Troyes: 2 to 1. Here is the summary of the match.

16:52 – The Brest – Troyes match is over (2-1)

The final advantage in the score (2-1) of Stade Brestois is rather logical in view of the stats available at the end of this meeting. The Brestois have indeed a slight ascendancy in terms of possession of the ball but have also and above all shown themselves to be more threatening by framing more strikes (3 shots against 2 for ESTAC Troyes).

16:51 – The referee whistles a free kick against ESTAC Troyes

Ruddy Buquet whistles a very valuable free kick a few minutes before the final whistle for Stade Brestois. He will be shot, in the opposing camp, in a few moments. The Trojans will have to remain lucid so as not to sink.

16:48 – Offside whistled against Stade Brestois

Ruddy Buquet signals an offside against Stade Brestois, one of whose players was in an illegal position. We are at 2 offsides for Stade Brestois and 2 offsides for ESTAC Troyes.

4:45 p.m. – Yellow card for Marco Bizot (Stade Brestois)

Marco Bizot, the Stade Brestois player, is sanctioned with a yellow card in the 89th minute, in this 2nd period.

16:43 – Wilson Odobert injury

Wilson Odobert (ESTAC Troyes) was injured as we play the 87th minute in this meeting

16:42 – ESTAC Troyes gets a very well placed free kick!

This is the last chance to equalize or almost for ESTAC Troyes! Ruddy Buquet whistles a free kick in a very interesting area. The opportunity for the Trojans to return to this game in the last quarter of an hour of play, while the score is 2-1 in this 2nd period.

4:42 p.m. – Yellow card for Brendan Chardonnet (Stade Brestois)

Brendan Chardonnet, the Stade Brestois player, receives a warning in the 86th minute, in this 2nd half.

16:41 – Free kick in favor of ESTAC Troyes

Ruddy Buquet whistles a welcome free kick in favor of the Trojans who were stuck in their last 30 meters and could see Stade Brestois make the break at the end of this action. What to have regrets in the last quarter of an hour of this confrontation.

16:41 – Change for ESTAC Troyes

Rony Lopes gives way to Ike Ugbo in the 85th minute of play in this match.

16:41 – Change for Stade Brestois

Romain Del Castillo gives way to Karamoko Dembele in the 85th minute of play in this meeting.

16:40 – Change for Stade Brestois

Islam Slimani gave way to Jeremy Le Douaron in the 84th minute of play in this match.

16:39 – Injury of Islam Slimani

The game is stopped in Brest. Islam Slimani was hit a few moments ago.

16:37 – Yellow card for Stade Brestois

The Stade Brestois player is sanctioned with a warning in the 81st minute, in this 2nd half.

4:37 p.m. – Immediate expulsion for @articleESTAC Troyes!

First expulsion from this Brest – Troyes for ESTAC Troyes. Ruddy Buquet has decided: this error called for a real sanction. ESTAC Troyes complicates life for the few remaining minutes.

16:36 – Change for Stade Brestois

Ruddy Buquet gives his agreement for a replacement: Mahdi Camara leaves the playing area while Haris Belkebla enters the field for Stade Brestois.

16:35 – Change for ESTAC Troyes

Yasser Larouci is replaced by Ike Ugbo in the 79th minute of play in this match.

16:33 – Chance for Stade Brestois

Great opportunity for Stade Brestois as we are in the 77th minute at Stade Francis-Le Blé.

4:33 p.m. – Penalty converted by Steve Mounie (2-1)!

He didn’t shake. Steve Mounie did not fail in his mission and offered a point to Stade Brestois. The score is 2-1 in this Brest – Troyes!

16:33 – Penalty for Stade Brestois!

Ruddy Buquet signals a penalty for Stade Brestois. The score could soon change on the side of Stade Francis-Le Blé.

16:33 – The penalty will be whistled!

The decision has fallen for Stade Brestois: and it is a penalty that is whistled by Ruddy Buquet after a call to the VAR! Perhaps a turning point in this 2nd period!

16:33 – Ruddy Buquet asks for VAR

The game is stopped at Stade Francis-Le Blé: Ruddy Buquet hesitates to whistle a penalty for Stade Brestois after a contentious gesture in the area and appeals to the VAR.

16:31 – The penalty is missed (1-1)!

Islam Slimani misses this penalty awarded by Ruddy Buquet! In favor of Stade Brestois!.

4:30 p.m. – An injured side of Stade Brestois

The game is stopped at the Stade Francis-Le Blé. A player from Stade Brestois received a blow on the previous action.

4:30 p.m. – Penalty for Stade Brestois!

Stade Brestois won a penalty following a foul in the 73rd minute of play in this game. The score could soon change on the side of Stade Francis-Le Blé.

16:29 – Offside whistled against ESTAC Troyes

A player from ESTAC Troyes is trapped offside and allows the opposing team to restart. We are playing the 72nd minute of play in this game.