Breakdown at Microsoft: bug on Teams, Outlook, Xbox Live… What’s going on?

Breakdown at Microsoft bug on Teams Outlook Xbox Live Whats

A global bug affects many Microsoft services this Wednesday, January 21: effects are observed by thousands of users in France.

Can’t send email from Outlook? Does your Teams platform malfunction? Know that this Wednesday, January 25, Microsoft is facing a large outage, which extends to several countries. Technical problems on servers prevent the proper functioning of the Microsoft 365 suite: a large number of users cannot therefore use Teams, Outlook, Azure, OneDrive or even Xbox Live correctly. If the failure is not at all a black out or a stoppage of services, strong slowdowns have been identified.

Microsoft has also indicated that it has put its finger on “a potential problem” and has put its technical teams on the resolution of this very disabling bug. We still do not know the reasons for this failure, which does not go unnoticed and which, as always, raises many questions.

The effects of the outage should be quickly resolved now, but Microsoft will have to deal with the emergence of new criticisms of the provision of its services. Only a few weeks ago, the American group had experienced a major outage of its OneDrive services preventing users, for a few hours, from accessing their files stored in the cloud.