Brazil insurgency: Bolsonaro supporters challenge democracy

Brazil insurgency Bolsonaro supporters challenge democracy

On Sunday January 8, 2023, hundreds of Bolsonarist demonstrators invaded the presidential palace, Congress and the Supreme Court for several hours in a chaos reminiscent of the invasion of the Capitol in Washington two years ago. More than 300 people were arrested and the public prosecutor’s office demanded the immediate opening of investigations to establish “the responsibility of those involved” in the attack on official buildings. The area had been cordoned off by the authorities. But the bolsonarists, for many dressed in the yellow jersey of the Sele├žao, the Brazilian football team, a symbol that they appropriated, managed to force the security cordons. They caused considerable damage in the three huge palaces which are treasures of modern architecture and are full of works of art. Invaluable paintings have been damaged. Since the defeat of Jair Bolsonaro, his supporters have already been demonstrating in front of barracks, demanding the intervention of the army to prevent Lula from returning to power for a third term after those from 2003 to 2010.